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"To work with
living mechanisms in
a living body, we need
living palpatory skills."

Rollin Becker, D.O.


Our Seminars

Seminar Information

Besides providing quality Craniosacral Therapy, we also offer classes to therapists and the lay public in the art and science of craniosacral therapy through a comprehensive educational training program. Dr. Jim Green DC, BS, LMT comes to Hong Kong to provide quality classes in Craniosacral Therapy. He learnt Craniosacral therapy direct from Dr John Upledger D.O., O.M.M ,. And Dr Green worked side by side with Dr Upledger for 12 years.
Not only Dr Jim Green is an excellent therapist, but also he is very experienced and passionate in teaching. His sense of humor provides a wonderful atmosphere for the students to learn the real Craniosacral Therapy. Classes include:
The Craniosacral Approach/CST-1 Basic
The Craniosacral Approach/CST-2 Intermediate
The Craniosacral Approach/CST-3 Whole Body
The Craniosacral Approach/CST-4 Pediatrics
The Craniosacral Approach/CST-5 Imagery and Dialogue
The Craniosacral Approach/CST-6 Therapist Intensive
The Craniosacral Approach for Animals
The Craniosacral Approach- Practical Integration
The Craniosacral Approach for Spa Therapists

In order to give the experienced therapists trained in CST acknowledgement for their understanding and skill in this therapeutic modality, Acorn Seminars Inc. provides certification programs. The benefits of CST certification include a strong understanding and application of techniques, assuring in the client's mind of the therapist's skill level in CST and to build confidence of potential clients. Please browse the link for more information.

Beside Dr Jim Green teaches the Craniosacral approach in Hong Kong, Ms Harriet Tang, Physiotherapist M.A., BSc., RPT., CST-M teaches CST in Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin as needed). Her class is for those who want to learn the therapy with their mother language for better understanding and comprehension. Harriet Tang is the only authorized teacher in Hong Kong for Acorn Seminars Inc. Her goal is to teach the best craniosacral therapy classes in Hong Kong in Chinese. Students who attend Harriet Tang's classes are eligible to continue Dr Jim Green's classes in the upper levels.

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