A09-en Healing Prenatal & Birth trauma

Healing Prenatal & Birth trauma

Healing pre & perinatal trauma and birth trauma

The recognition of how childhood experience affects one’s physical, mental and emotional health is becoming more and more popular. There are extensive research about Adverse childhood experiences’ (ACEs) correlation with later chronic disease, mental health problem and suicidal tendency. But there’s a newer field of how pre & perinatal experiences affect a foetus’ later life. Re-emergence of these kind of bodily memory of these experiences are not uncommon for experienced Craniosacral Therapist, trauma therapist and psychotherapist.

Since early 70s, some medical doctors and therapists started to notice this phenomenon, and incorporated this perspective into their therapeutic process and how they took care of new born baby and mum. These pioneers of the PPN (pre & perinatal) field includes David Chamberlain, Frank lake, Federick Leboyer, William Emerson, Ray Castellino…etc. With their success of their work and development of the work afterwards, more and more therapists, midwives and medical professionals incorporate this perspective into their work.

How the mother conceives, the experience of the embryo in the mother’s womb, the birth process, and early postnatal attachments affects our sense of security in the environment and people around us, which in turn affects the stability and self- regulation of the nervous system. The physical, mental, emotional state of the mum and dad, the quality of attachment between baby and caretakers, all these would affect the baby’s growth and well being and even into their adulthood. Craniosacral Therapy with sensitivity to this subtle forces could help regulate the effect of this experiences both physiologically and emotionally. It also helps prevent later problems before they emerge, preparing the baby to better cope and thrive with later life. Adults can also explore the impact of these early experiences on the mind and body now, in a safe and prepared manner.