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Testimonials For over 20 years, I suffered from painful and persistent headaches. However, after receiving Craniosacral Therapy once a week for the last year, my headaches have now completely disappeared. It is truly amazing that without any medication, my chronic headaches have been cured and I finally have relief! I now want to share my own true, personal experience so that others will be able to experience the wide benefits of Craniosacral Therapy and so enjoy a better life without chronic pain.

Gloria NgHeadaches

My son is 3 and half years old. He has been receiving craniosacral therapy for one year. He has plenty of problems before therapy. He felt insecure all the time. He always woke up and cried for no reason…it took quite a while for him to calm down. However, his sleeping problem improved a lot after therapy. Now he sleeps well every night and never screamed again. He used to bite things and puts everything into his mouth. But he hated brushing his teeth. I was always bitten by him when I cleaned his gum since he was a baby. But now, I can brush his teeth much easier and his biting habit dramatically improved.
His language ability has made a significant improvement ( I was so worried about his speech delay).
Harriet told me that he has a lot of tightness inside his mouth and that’s why he didn’t like anyone touch his mouth. And his mood fluctuated a lot; he may have a tantrum for no reason. Sometimes he suddenly out of control and hit people for no reason, even people he didn’t know. Now I knew the reason, he behaved inappropriately because he was not happy and he could not express himself well. He is now totally different and a lot more cheerful.

Little Kid Ng
Kid with emotional, sleeping, speech…problems

I am a 41 years old office lady. I had neck pain, back pain, headache, right arm numbness and right leg numbness for 5 years before I met Harriet. I tried many kind of treatments before like acupuncture, bone setter, physiotherapy, chiropractor, Yoga, etc?But none of them can help me to relieve my pain. I was on medication but still suffering constant pain over my body. But after I met Harriet at her clinic, she suggested using alternative treatment ( non-traditional physiotherapy, she called) to help me. I told her I would like to try, but I didn’t really expecting anything would happen at the time. Then she started treating me with manual therapy (or I should say craniosacral therapy, I don’t really know what it is). She just use her hands to do the gentle therapy on my body each session, even I told her I had many problems. The first 2 or 3 sessions, I felt comfortable during and after the treatment, but didn’t really feel my symptoms changed dramatically. But after about 5 sessions, I can tell the significant change in my body. My pain is decreased, the frequency of the pain is lessened and the duration of the pain is shortened. After 5 months, my neck pain, headache, back pain and numbness in my limbs are almost gone.
Now, after almost 2 years, I only need to see her once a month and I can live a normal life without pain and medication. And during my monthly treatment, Harriet continuously provides helpful advice to me. I highly recommend anyone who suffered from chronic pain problems should try craniosacral therapy for help.

Ms Kwan
Multiple pain

I have had severe lower back pain for over 30 years, and the problem has caused pins and needles on my feet. Over the years, I have tried various therapies to relief my pain, e.g. physiotherapy, acupuncture and manipulation…etc. During these years, I have been told by doctors that I would need operation to resolve the problem.
Until recently I have had 4 months treatment of Craniosacral Therapy, which I have never heard of before. I have noticed that my lower back pain is slowly getting better. I was never be able to walk without rest for longer than 1 hour before treatment, and now I can dance and walk for more than 2 hours, but not feeling any pain nor pins and needles on my feet. What’s more, I have also noticed that the dislocated areas of my spine caused by previous injuries are now magically moving back to where they should be.
I would highly recommend Craniosacral Therapy for all those who have back pain, spinal injury, and hip problems to try out this treatment. It may take some time to see any real effects, however, this therapy really works and most importantly there’s nothing to lose to try a new treatment out when it could relief all the pain that you have been suffered.

Julia Ip
Lower Back Pain

I have got an injury over my tailbone few years ago but I didn’t seek for any treatment at that time. During work, I have to lift and carry some heavy stuff constantly, so I have pain over my shoulder, back, waist and tailbone frequently. To some point, I couldn’t lift my arm above the chest level because of pain. I have consulted chiropractor (consultation period from Dec 06 to Mar 08) and Chinese bone setting. My situation has improved but the pain is still always there. From my friend’s highly recommendation, I consulted Mr. Gilbert Tsang for Craniosacral Therapy, which is something I have never heard of. I wonder if it could help me because Craniosacral Therapy is something very new to me, besides, I have already consulted two different kinds of therapies (chiropractor and Chinese bone setting) which were not effective, in addiction my problems have existed for long period of time. To my surprise, my shoulder pain has improved a lot after few times of treatment, and now it is gone. Apart from the magic cure of my body pain and aches, Craniosacal Therapy gives me a new experience to know more about my body and even my mind. It gives me the opportunity to understand my health status both physically and emotionally. Having a Craniosacal treatment is a valuable experience and gives me a chance to explore myself.

Rita Yeung
Cabin Attendant

As I require working with computer for long working hours and need to work at different time zones, I always have stiff neck, back, and low back pain problem. I also suffer insomnia due to stress and working pressure. Craniosacral therapy (CST) is pure manual therapy with therapeutic dialogue to help to release tension of body tissues and psycho-emotional issues respectively.
I hurt my neck because of picking up a paper clip on my desk last year. It was ridiculous to believe but I felt a sore neck which I had never forgotten during my life time. As I have been highly concentrated on my work and didn’t aware my neck muscle was so tense, a sudden change of posture broke imbalances. Although I am not very happy to say I still felt painful after therapy, the pain dissipated gradually after a week.
I have another miserable experience a few months ago. I really burst into tear as it is so painful on my low back when I woke up on a Sunday morning. No matter I sat, stood or even laid down on my bed, I still felt very painful. After therapy on Monday morning, I still felt so painful that I took 15 minutes to walk down to MTR station which I only usually took 5 minutes. Since I had some important issues to be resolved in office, I could not take sick leave on the following day. When I drove on uphill road, I felt painful on my low back. I thought I really need to do another therapy on Thursday. It was so amazing that I didn’t feel any pain at all on Wednesday morning! As comparing with the case happened last year, the time for recovery was shortened!
Needless to say, precaution is better than cure and so I still go for CST once a week. CST really so gentle that not only helps to release tension of my body but also cure the roots of problem gradually. I would like to thank Gilbert Tsang for his dedication in spending time to understand my body problem and his healing hands to make such an incredible job. It is really amazing! Last but not least, I have no hesitation to recommend anyone to seek his help to relieve your pain.

Dora Leung
D.L., Hong Kong

When my daughter started her menstruation at 14 years old, she experienced back pain before and during the period every month. She had severe pain over her abdomen as well. I brought her to Harriet Tang for therapy. Harriet discovered that my daughter has an abnormal curve over the lower spine. She did alternative therapy and adjusted the alignment for her. After about six to eight sessions of therapy, she has no more pain during period and it last until now. She is now 18 years old.

Amy Yeung
Menstruation Pain

I am writing to tell people how wonderful the Craniosacral Therapy is, at least for my son’s condition. My son was 3 years old, ever since birth, he have been a pain for us at night time. For no reason at all, he cries in the middle of the night and he can’t recall it in the very next morning. I brought him to Harriet for Craniosacral Therapy. I really didn’t know what she has done but she definitely did something to him. That night after therapy, he cried even worse, actually the worst night since birth. Then I brought him for more therapy sessions. Since then he sleeps tight throughout the night without waking up. I would like to recommend you for Craniosacral Therapy if your kids have any strange behavioral problems.

Mrs. Chu
Kid’s sleeping problem

I have been suffering from neck and back pain over the past 2 years due to my long hours working with the computers. I tried various types of therapies, such as acupuncture and chiropractor, but they only gave me a short period of relief.
Upon my friend’s recommendation, I started to consult Mr. Gilbert Tsang for Craniosacral Therapy. At the beginning, I could hardly convince myself if this therapy really works as I have to do nothing during the treatment process other than lying on the bed; no movement at all but just sometimes my limbs were being lifted and moved. However after the treatment, I feel completely relief and having the treatment for several times, my stiff neck and back pain were all gone. It’s true. It’s amazing.
From the bottom of my heart, I really want to thank Mr. Gilbert Tsang for his help to cure my long lasting pain. I highly recommend Craniosacral Therapy and for those people who are facing similar problems as I do, please do not hesitate to seek Mr. Tsang’s healing hands to relief your pain.

Chuck Lai Back and Neck Pain

I want to share with you my amazing experience with alternative therapy I received from Harriet Tang. I had chest pain for more than a year. I consulted different specialists like Cardiologist, Orthopedic and Neurologist. They claimed that everything was fine with me. Finally they performed angioplasty on me and told me that they found nothing wrong with my heart. Then they referred me to the Psychologist. I was very frustrated and I told Harriet (She was my physiotherapist when I used to have neck pain) all about it. I was just sharing my worry with her as a friend and didn’t expect any solution. She suggested an alternative therapy and claimed it is really worth to try. So Harriet started the therapy on me and to my surprised my chest pain was all gone after few months of therapy. It had been almost 3 years now; I didn’t feel the chest wall pain since then.

Stanley Lee
Chest pain

I am writing to share my experience on my Craniosacral Therapy with Mr. Gilbert Tsang. Mr Tsang has helped me a lot to relief my back pain. My back was injured when I was little and had been suffering for a long time. I was referred by my boy friend and he told me that this kind of therapy was amazing. I started to consult Mr Tsang since May 2009 and had such therapy for 6 months continuously. Surprisingly, my back has improved a lot! I sincerely thank Mr Tsang for his great hand and much appreciate on what he had done on me. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help.

Bernice Wu
Back pain

From the routine physical body check in August 2009, I was told by the gynecologist my right breast had calcifications and lumps. With mammography investigation, he claimed there was 25% chance of breast cancer (stage 0). Second opinion of another doctor suggested it was 40% chance of breast cancer and the third doctor told me that the chance of breast cancer was 80%. And from the doctors’ opinion, it has a good chance of metastasis and suggested that I have to receive total mastectomy. I was terrified and desperate. I received a 6-hours hyperplasia and calcification resection surgery. However, from the result of biopsy, I was so relief to know that it was benign breast hyperplasia. Six months later, which was February 2010, I saw the doctor for follow-up. The breast imaging examination revealed the recurrence of the right breast calcifications and in a good amount. Biopsy of tissue showed fibrocystic breasts. I was recommended to see the doctor for observation every six months. That means I have to wait and see until the condition get really bad and then I have no choice but receive the total mastectomy. I didn’t like the idea and I didn’t want to live with the fear or the “bomb”. I want a better way, I want a solution. At that time, my therapist explained that the “Bruise Clearing” technique is going to help me with the problem. I was so desperate that I would give it a try. On the first session of therapy, besides the calcified spots, there was also a big breast lump with the size of a table tennis, which was not there before the biopsy test. My therapist explained that could be caused by the tissue resection procedure, even the instigation procedure could be traumatizing and often leads to blockage and restriction of body tissue around the area and cause tumor or cancer later on. I received the “Bruise Clearing” technique for a few months, lumps of bruises were softened and disintegrated bit by bit and eventually disappeared. August 2010, I went to see my doctor for breast examination, and there was no more calcification. I was excited beyond words. I finally found a way to cure my problem and prevent recurrence. I am pleased to recommend you to try this safe and effective therapy which help you unblock the tissue and get rid of the restriction of your body to cure your problems and maintain health as well.

Eva Wong
Breast Cancer Saver

I was suffering from endometriosis and menstrual pain. I had to take painkiller and needed bed rest at home for my menstrual pain. Eva Wong suggested me to see Ms. Ann Chow two months ago. I have started to see Ann since September. Ann is a very knowledgeable therapist, and a caring person. She is so caring that she wants to know the problems in depth and wants to help you with her best effort. I would say she is beyond a therapist, not just someone who gives you a massage and finish the work. After three sessions (one and a half hour each) of therapy, I had my menstruation period by the end of Sept. The pain intensity had decreased significantly; I didn’t need any painkiller or bed rest. One month later, I had my second period which was pain free. The therapy has not only helped my menstrual pain significantly, but I can also sleep better at night; I feel my circulation is improving; I have less leg cramps after therapy. I would like to continue therapy with Ann to improve my health and for maintenance as well. I would recommend Ann to any of my friends who need help.

Kara Cheung
Menstrual Pain

In 2004, I was diagnosed with breast fibroma and had surgery done to remove the fibroma on the left breast. I see my doctor for follow-up and ultrasound scan every year. I was told that I have many breast cysts every year. Last two years, I needed some lab test for the fluid inside the cyst as the fluid was turbid. I feel thankful that the results came back normal. However, I still feel like I am carrying a timed bomb, it would explode one day. Friend of mine introduced Ms Ann Chow to me, so I just gave it a try. On the first day when I saw Ann, she explained that the cause of the cyst is actually due to the blockage by the bruises around the area, so the fluid has no way to go but accumulated in a confined space and hence form the cysts. I was never been told why this is happening even when I asked the doctor, they just told me that it just happens with no reason. I was never answered until Ann told me about the blockage and I think that make a lot of sense. After receiving 4 to 5 sessions of treatments; a 1.5cm diameter cyst over the left breast has gone completely. That was so impressive. Besides, I used to have pain over the scar on the left breast ever since I had the surgery in 2004. Ann has got rid of the scar pain as well. Ann is an amazing therapist, not only she helps my problems, but she is so authentic and enthusiastic. She is so eager to help my problems and I would say she is even more motivated than I do to cure the problems. I can’t appreciate more to what she has done. I have seen her for 7 to 8 sessions, I found that the cyst on my right breast is getting more palpable, which was seen during ultrasound scanning. But I could never feel it with my hand. But after Ann has worked on me, the blockage gets less around the area and I can actually feel the cyst with my hand. Ann is definitely helping me and I will continue to see her to solve my problems and take the bomb off as well.

Miss Lee
Breast Fibroma

I feel grateful that I have received therapy from Ms Ann Chow at Body Wisdom. She helped me to resolve my menstruation problems.
I have had no period ever since two years ago. I have consulted both Western Medical and Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner. I have had herbal medicine prescribed by Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner for half year but had no improvement. The Western Medical Practitioner has done a blood test to me and claimed that I have Polycystic Ovarian Disease, but there was nothing they could do. So he gave me hormone injections every three months, so I can have my menstruation period four times a year. It had never cured the problem.
My friend told me about Ms Ann Chow’s service, so I went and tried. I am so please with the outcome. I have my period came spontaneously after 4 sessions of therapy without any injection or medicine. She is so skillful to point out that I have my lower back bones locked up and which affects my nerve conduction and induces the swelling of my lower body. The swelling blocks up my hormone system as well. By loosing up the tissue around the area and re-adjusting the bones, I got my lymph fluid and circulation flowing well again. I am still seeing her and will continue to see her to regain my health in a safe physical way. I feel thankful that I don’t need any more medicine or injection for my problem anymore.

Man Lai
Menstruation Problem