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About Us

About Us
Body Wisdom is a physiotherapy and natural health clinic offering alternative and innovative therapies for healing various physical ailments and emotional problems.

Our Mission
Our mission is to improve your quality of life no matter at what level you presently function. Besides dealing with your pain and discomfort, we focus on improving your health and well-being. Our foremost concern is treating your problem and imbalances at the root cause to effectively enable your body to function at optimal levels.

What is Body Wisdom?
We truly believe that our body system has its own gifted, healing power. The human body develops wisdom and understanding and so constantly strives to fix itself. Knowing how to listen and act on the messages from your body informs you of what is best for you and so enables you to live at levels of healthy functioning beyond your wildest imagination. We as healthcare practitioners facilitate and help you witness your new potential for healing and life enhancement at all levels.

How do we see you?

To guarantee quality service, we provide personalized, individual hands-on treatment throughout each session. All of our therapists are expertly trained and well experienced in manual therapy. Treatment sessions are carried out in well-appointed, tranquil treatment rooms to ensure the most comfortable environment and complete privacy.