D04 學生評語



非常好 | 很清晰的講解,多謝Harriet的準備和悉心教導,亦多謝兩位助教的幫忙,學習氣氛良好

非常好 | 中文課是吸引我的原因

非常好 | 很清晰的講解,多謝Harriet的準備和悉心教導,亦多謝兩位助教的幫忙,學習氣氛良好

非常好 | Love the content!!!! Couldn’t wait for the following week’s session after finished one. Learned a lot and completely changed my mind towards how our body works.

非常好 | Just right, or else it might be too difficult for us. We need to consolidate our knowledge and skills first.

非常好 | Pragmatic and hands-on

非常好 | 充實實用未上過一個課程係咁實用及全面

非常好 | Love the lesson badly! Can master the basic techniques and clear instructions are given.


非常好 | 備課細心詳盡 能細心握要解答問題

非常好 | 難得有位導師可以將一個專業課程以廣東話教授,令業餘人士,英文唔叻都學習到

非常好 | 清晰、明確、易明 有重點

非常好 | 好有耐心解答同學問題,特別是回家也要查文章補充同學疑問,太棒了!

非常好 | 教學水平高,循循善誘,用心教學,不可多得的好導師。

非常好 | 導師很用心有耐性,每堂有revision. 喜歡她的上堂模式,上堂氣氛很好

非常好 | 十分用心教導,樂於解答問題

非常好 | BEST TEACHER EVERRRRRRR???? “十分心動” Harriet’s teaching and guidance are so clear that you can easily grasp the main point of an abstract concept. And can feel that she has prepared to flow of the class so well!! She can remember every words you’ve ever said in class tho she always says she’s an absent minded person :)

非常好 | 講解細緻丶並運用demo skull n spine 和彩色PowerPoint supplements 丶有助我這些非醫護從業學生。實習時摸錯位又能即時糾正我手的位置

非常好 | Harriet is a good teacher. Her materials were well written and she taught in a systematic way which allowed students to follow her easily. Harriet always welcomed questions and she took heart in answering all of our questions. Also, lessons were never boring due to her ability to engage us with her jokes.

非常好 | Simply professional! A Remarkable mentor, dedicated and patient, 全心全意、盡心盡力, can’t thank her good enough…..Salute!